Welcome to the home of STPE - the Standardized Test Practice Engine

STPE (the Standardized Test Practice Engine) is a complete CMS for educators to use to prepare their students for tests like the College Board's SAT II subject tests. STPE is written in PHP, and uses MySQL as a backend. Untill now, there has been no easy way to create web based reviews for standardized tests. There was no software that could format questions in the style of the SAT II subject tests, and other common standardized tests. STPE is being created to solve this problem. It does not require any extra libraries to be installed; save for mime-magic if STPE installed on the Windows version of PHP. It will be deployable on any Linux or Windows server that runs PHP 4.3, Apache (1.3 or 2), and MySQL. Features included: Allowing teachers to assign students topics to create reviews and practice questions for; allowing teachers to edit or delete these topic reviews and questions; formatting questions in the style of many standardized tests; allowing students to log in and take the practice tests, and sends the results to the assigned teacher; and allowing students to view their past grades. These features are all implemented through a handy web interface. STPE is different from all other content management systems in that it is targeted for educators who wish to create online study guides for standardized tests. STPE was originally created for a chemistry teacher at a local high school, but now, as the first version is coming near to completeness, the developers have decided to continue developing the software so that educators can use it worldwide, and are releasing it under the GNU's GPL. We hope that other educators in the open source community to prepare their students for standardized tests can use STPE.

If you're interested in seeing a working version of STPE, take a look at The Amity Chemistry SAT II review website. We also plan to have screenshots up soon of the administration section.

To download the latest [beta] release, submit a bug, or a feature request, visit our project page.

STPE was created as a joint project by Jonathan Bell of Stonewall Computing Solutions and by AnyoneEB Games for the benefit of the community.

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